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Qahwa & Co

When tradition meets innovation

Welcome to Qahwa & Co

When tradition meets innovation

It's Coffee Time

Taste it you will love it

Bring home or office, the best of Qahwa in the comfort of your own space. Whether you drink espresso, drip coffee, cold brew or french press create your perfect cup, whenever you want.

About The Product

Modern Coffee Bag

Our main aim is to find the most amazing beans, roasting them fresh and sending them your way every day, just so that when you take that first sip your eyes light up and you go “ Damn that’s a good coffee”


We have given utmost importance to our packages materials so that coffee stays fresh and also our coffee bags are made with environmentally sustainable materials. We have a variety of coffee bags ranging from the assorted coffee mix, medium roasted coffee, light roasted coffee, dark roasted coffee. The most common types coffee bags available right now are stand-up pouches, flat bottom pouches, side gusset bags, and filling bags all adhering to the goodness of the dip.

Coffee machine

Our Coffee Machines are designed to make your barista-style coffee brewing experience. This sleek & compact machine is perfect for your home or office as it fits anywhere. The machine uses —- Bars of pressurized steam, to extract coffee with indulgent layers of crema on the top.


It works well with Nespresso pods as well, the coffee brewing is excellent and very consistent. Our customers have given extra points for the look of this trendy machine.Our machines are suitable for lovers of black coffee and those, who prefer complementing it with a separate creamer or milk frother


The Warranty includes a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase covering parts, labor and 2-way shipping

coffee beans

We have the best blend of coffee beans for great crema and a perfect cappuccino with a nice caffeine punch. No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavours. and 100% Pure and Natural. You can enjoy this premium brand coffee beans by just stir in hot water and enjoy. We can get you freshly roasted on order.


Our fast-moving variety is Coffee Arabica, are widely considered to make better tasting coffee. Arabica beans contain less caffeine and more fat-based compounds, which make coffee taste smooth and rich. It’s not just the species of coffee bean that matters though: how a bean is grown and harvested matters too, so our expertise identifies the best-grown coffee estates and procures directly from them..

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